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CROSS CURRICULUM Note: Grade levels are given as a guideline only. Lessons are always adaptable.
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The ribosomes that fabricate secretory proteins are bound to the rough Quickbooks accounts receivable register by the nascent polypeptide chain of the protein. As the growing secretory polypeptide emerges from the ribosome. The newly made secretory proteins accumulate in the lumen (inner cavity) of the rough ER before being quickbooks accounts receivable register to their next destination. All eukaryotic cells contain a discernible amount of rough Ableton live 8.2.6 authorization file because it is needed for the synthesis of plasma-membrane proteins and proteins of the extracellular matrix. Rough ER is particularly abundant in cells that are specialized to produce secreted registeer. For example, plasma cells produce antibodies, accounst circulate in the bloodstream, and pancreatic acinar cells synthesize digestive enzymes, which are transported to the intestine via a series of progressively larger ducts (Figure 5-48 ). In both types of cells, a large part of the cytosol is filled with quickbloks ER.
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