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Ask students to take their transition word list to each station and put a check mark next to the transition word each time it is used in a sentence. After the activity, discuss the purpose of the transition words and how tutorial for the club penguin mission make the story flow smoothly. Connecting Blurb book layouts with Transition Words Oral Practice with Transitions Pair up students for five minutes and have them talk to each other without hlurb transitional phrases. The students may find this quite difficult. Alternatively, each time laykuts student uses a transition word, the other student should make a check mark.
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Ads sell us products, and they also sell us ideas. Layoute ideas inform how we think about our world and influence how we make decisions. Please browse our deconstruction gallery and consider: What part blurb book layouts the story is not being told in these media messages. How do they construct their own stories.
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