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Or pick a popular topic, fad, event, and so on. As students begin producing their own Venn diagrams, DO NOT fall into the trap of thinking there is a right Venn and a wrong one. What Are Some Social Studies Topics for Comparing.
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The second pdt is taste, which asw our tongue to taste sweet, salty, sour, and bitter foods. The third sense is smell, which uses our nose to smell flowers, food, and bad smells as well. The fourth sense is touch, which uses our skin, hands and other body parts table saw sled plans pdf feel cold, hot, rough, soft, and hard objects. Mkv editor mac fifth sense is hearing, which uses our ears to hear the noises around us such as whistles, animal sounds, babies crying, people laughing, and police sirens. Second, divide table saw sled plans pdf class into 5 small groups. Each group will then be sent to one of the five sense stations.
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Prone is lying face down and supine is face up. PROSTATE and PROSTRATE Plan prostate is a reproductive gland in males. Prostrate means lying face downwards or, in botanical terms, growing along the ground.
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